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2017 Sep

I have decided to leave Google Play since I am scaling down with this software.
However I will keep supporting the software "as is" 2019 at

SMS Control Center v7.5.9.963 Apr/2017
* Many more Emojis.
* More languages

SMS Control Center v7.5.9.96 Jul/2016
* More support for Excel.
* Right-to-left support in New Message Dialog
* More languages

SMS Control Center v7.5.9.92 Sep/2015
* Excel files supported in New Message Dialog.
* Text with $NAME$ will be replaced with Contact Name
* Text with $NUMBER$ will be replaced with Contact Number
* Full support for Emoji (Introduced in Android OS 4.4)

Support for Android 5
Android 5 is now supported.

SMS Control Center v7.5.9.7 Dec/2014.

* Android 5 is now supported.
* Fix for notificaton icon on mobile
* Scaling improvements
* Bluetooth fix

News for Android 4.4.
Check this link for the latest news about Android 4.4 issues.

Dual sim still not supported.
Since dual sim cards are not officially supported by Android to developers we are unable to support this feature. When an SMS is sent it should always send it on the default card.

2015-01-14: We have news:
From  Android v4.2.2 it seems to work to send from the last activated SIM.

SMS Control Center v7.5.8 Feb/2014.
* Phone API
* Bug fixes
* Language updates (French)

SMS Control Center v7.5.5 Jan/2014.

* Save message to drafts folder
* SMS Counter
* Keyboard enhancement
* Language updates (French, Finnish & Italian)

SMS Control Center v7.5.3 Dec.
* Communication issue
* New APK

SMS Control Center v7.5.2 Nov.
* Templates
* Reconnect from boot

SMS Control Center v7.5.1 Sep.
* Performance improvements
* Hotkey assignments
* Delivery report information
* Listview column widths are saved
* Phone type "Other"  transferred

SMS Control Center v7.5 Aug.
* USB enhancements
* APK with reconnect feature
* $NAME$ e-mail rules
* Contact images with USB
* Answer/Hang up buttons
* Focus in edit control in conversation view
* Turkish language
* Translation improvements
* Bugfixes

New APK version with Reconnect
The APK at this link includes a setting with a reconnect feature (WiFi or Bluetooth). It's still not official on Google Play.

SMS Control Center v7.1 April.
* Call Dialog
* Greece language
* Bugfixes

SMS Control Center v7.0 Feb.

* Shortcut from Conversation View to New Message Dialog
* All messages from Conversation View are set as read
* New search in New Message Dialog
* New toolbar icons
* Smileys Toolbar in New Message Dialog
* CTRL+ENTER in New Message Dialog
* Performance enhancement sync (new apk)

SMS Control Center v6.5 Jan.
* Bugfix contact picture
* Bugfix international number comparing
* Bugfix delete key in conversation

SMS Control Center v6.4 Dec.
* Delete an SMS-thread
* Language support on Android Mobile

SMS Control Center v6.3 Oct.
* Right-click context menu in send dialog
* Multiple Read / Unread
* More settings for contact sync

SMS Control Center v6.2 May.
* Print / Preview SMS conversation
* Copy SMS conversation to clipboard

SMS Control Center v6.1.3 Mars.
* Bluetooth for Toshiba
* Bugfix contacts with () are duplicated

SMS Control Center v6.1 January.
A new version with a lot of improvements is released in this month. Here is a list with the news:
* Shortcut key for sending SMS in conversation view
* Password protection on startup
* More languages
* Some bugfixes

Windows Phone 7 (WP7) is not supported
Microsoft has decided to not support the following features in WP7.

* Multitasking (applications in background)
* Access to SMS folders
* Access to contacts
* Native development

SMS Control Center relies on multitasking and access to SMS folders. Therefore it's impossible for us to support WP7. We will continue to support WM6.x and will move to Android plattform.


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