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  Add SMS Functionality To Your App
SMS Control Center includes a COM-API to send SMS. This makes it very easy to add SMS functionality to your application. If you also like to receive SMS in your app, you can add rules in SMS Control Center to execute your application with command line options. In the end of this page you will find download links to a sample in dotnet. Dotnet framework 2.0 is required.

Please note that SMS Control Center must be running for the SMS to be sent.

How to Send SMS

The SMS API includes two methods, one for sending SMS and one for query the status for an SMS. Here is the code for sending a SMS in C#

Parameters = new Object[3];
Parameters[0] = textBox1.Text; // Number
Parameters[1] = textBox2.Text; // Message text
Parameters[2] = false; // True if you like an delivery report

m_nItemID = (Int32) objApp_Late.GetType().InvokeMember("SendSMS", BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, objApp_Late, Parameters);

To query for the status you can use the QueryStatus method. It returns a short interger with a status code.

Parameters = new Object[1]; Parameters[0] = m_nItemID; // id

Int16 nStatus = (Int16) m_objApp_Late.GetType().InvokeMember("QueryStatus", BindingFlags.InvokeMethod, null, m_objApp_Late, Parameters);

Return codes:

-1 = Invalid item id
1 = SMS in outbox
2 = SMS Sent
3 = SMS waiting to be executed

You can also use QueryStatus with m_nItemID = -1 to check if the mobile is connected to PC.

Send SMS from command line or VBScript
You can use the SMS API to send SMS from a VBScript and use this from the command line.

Here is a simple example. Just copy and paste into a file with the extention .VBS

Dim oApp

Set oApp = createobject("SmsCenter.Application")

oApp.SendSMS "0709999999", "Message Text", false

Set oApp = Nothing

Download sample vbs-script

How to Receive SMS
First you need to add a rule in SMS Control Center to start the application when an SMS is received. There are three macros:

$PHONE$ The senders phone number
$NAME$ The senders name, if resolved
$TEXT$ Message text

When your application i started it's just to parse the input command line.

iIndexN = sCmdLine.IndexOf("/n");
iIndexM = sCmdLine.IndexOf("/m");

sNumber = sCmdLine.Substring(iIndexN + 2, iIndexM - iIndexN - 2); sMessage = sCmdLine.Substring(iIndexM + 2);

This method will start a new instance of the executable each time a new SMS is received. If you would like to handle the received SMS in one instance you can use a mutex to check if another instance is running and just send the information as a window message or save the information in a database.

bool bFirstInstance;

// Check whether the application is already running.
var mutex = new Mutex(true, "SCC Sample", out bFirstInstance);
if (!bFirstInstance)
        // If there is another instance running, get the command line agruments and
        // send them as a windows message to that instance.

Download sample exe
Download sample project

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