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How to find out if my Bluetooth is supported 

This software supports the following Bluetooth configurations:
  • Microsoft Bluetooth Stack
  • WIDCOMM Driver (from Broadcom)
  • BlueSoleil Driver v6.4.236.0 or later (IVT Corporation)
  • Toshiba Driver v7.10 or later

To see which driver is installed for a specific Bluetooth hardware perform the following steps:
  • Open the Control Panel
  • Open "System"
  • Click in the "Hardware" tab
  • Click on "Device Manager"
  • Browse to your Bluetooth device
  • Right click and select "Properties"
  • Click on "Driver" tab.


If you have a driver from Microsoft, WIDCOM, Toshiba or IVT Corporation your Bluetooth
configuration should be supported


Bluetooth pairing 

Make sure your device is paired with your computer. An easy way to find out if the
connection between your computer and device is working properly, is to send
a file from your computer to the device.

Bluetooth port 

Android 2.1 users might have to manually set the Bluetooth port, as the service discovery isn't
working. To find the active bluetooth port, select settings / WiFi tab in SMS Control Center.
The port number should be entered in preferences/Bluetooth port on the device.






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