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Notes for Android 4.4.2 

The following issues are related to Android OS version 4.4.2 or later.

SMS are not deleted on the device 

Unforunately, the feature to delete an SMS on the phone has stopped working from Android version 4.4.2. The reason is that Android 4.4.2 doesn't allow other app's than the default SMS app to delete SMS (or to make an SMS as read). The desktop application will save the status of the SMS, so if you delete an SMS on the desktop it will not be transferred again. However it will not be deleted on the mobile. This also applies for the feature Mark as Read. We wish there were something we could do about this issue, but our hands are tied.
We can only hope for the next version of Android works better.

Sending Long SMS 

When an long SMS (more than 160 or sometimes 120 charcters) is sent, the SMS is divided into multiple SMS. On some mobiles, like Samsung Galaxy S4, the SMS is saved into parts so it look likes more than one SMS is sent. However the SMS is sent correctly so the recipient will have a complete SMS.
We are looking for a way to sort this out.

Update 140320: This should be solved with the latest APK available on Google Play.

Update 150305: Some models still have issues. It's reported to Android team: and is solved in Android version 5.0





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