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For Android

Send SMS from your PC - Free Version

I am sorry but this software will be discontinued at the end of 2019. It will still be working "as is" probably for a long time but will not be updated.

Android Send SMS

Top Features

Free version
Send SMS
Receive SMS
Easily create and send SMS to any number of receivers from your desktop. Choose contacts from device, Outlook, favorites, groups or latest used contacts. Latest version also supports spell checking (MS Word is required).
Receive all your incoming SMS to the desktop just as an e-mail message. If you like you can easily create an answer or forward the message. Right-click on the SMS item to create an appointment or a note.
Syncronized Folders
Manage all your SMS from the desktop. You can delete or move messages between folders. All synchronizations runs in background. You will also able to see all your conversations in a special folder.
You can set up different rules for incoming SMS. Choose between automatic answer, forward, e-mail, show message in fullscreen, move message to a folder, execute an application with parameters or play a sound.
Search & Print
Export To Archive
Search for text in your messages. You can search in current or all folders. Print and print preview the current message.
Export your SMS to a XML-file. You can save a backup of all your SMS and add them in SMS Control Center Archive.
Phone Profiles
If you have more than one phone SMS Control Center automatically switches between different profiles when the phone is connected.
When an SMS arrives you will get a message in the notification panel, where you have the ability to immediately send a text reply or just click on the call button to call the contact.
Call Contacts
You can even use this application to call your contacts.

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